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Why Red Paw Farm?

At Red Paw Farm, we are certified trainers providing families with a variety of options when it comes to adding a new furry family member. We offer well-tempered, rescued dogs, ethically bred puppies, dog training & more! Our program is centered around improving the future of dogs.

What We Offer

We provide a variety of options to our clients because we know and understand every family is different. Young puppies are perfect for some, while trained puppies may be better for others, and some families prefer adoption. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our services.

sleeping puppy


We are breeders with a purpose. We breed medium sized (moyen) poodles and cavapoos. Our program is focused on raising confident, well mannered dogs with the potential to be both service and therapy dogs. As a bonus, if puppy training seems daunting, we offer trained puppies too!

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Trained Adult Rescue Dogs

Our heart has and always will be with dogs needing a home. We rescue Poodles & Doodles and extensively train them for 3-10 weeks. Many families prefer to skip the puppy stage and jump straight into owning a more mature dog. We take the guesswork out of dog rescue by setting them up for success in their new home!

poodle sitting

Stud Services

We believe a big part of a dog's temperament is genetic. Our studs have been carefully chosen for their exceptional and stable dispositions and we seek to work with likeminded breeders who give their puppies the best possible start in life with extra socialization and hands on care.

We donate 10% of all puppy proceeds to local rescues!

Why choose an ethically bred dog?

For some families, the puppy stage is important. They desire to bond with their new family member from the very beginning. The puppy stage is a precious, unique time in your dog's life and some families don't want to miss the experience!

We also typically recommend a puppy if your priority is having a successful therapy or service dog. We believe that selectively breeding for temperament plus an emphasis on early training and socialization gives a pup the best odds of success as a future service/therapy dog. While we have found some amazing rescue dogs over the years, there are also many dogs who have significant socialization deficits that are difficult to overcome. At the end of the day, if your goal is service work or higher level training, the odds of success are higher when starting with an intentionally bred puppy. 

We start our puppies on their path to success on day 3 when we introduce early neurological stimulation (ENS) and we continue with a rigorous socialization curriculum (BAB) throughout their 8-9 weeks with us.

As certified trainers, we know exactly what we are looking for and hand select our parent dogs based on confident, trainable, and gentle temperaments. We carefully screen our parent dogs (genetics and breed-recommended OFAs) to ensure that their health matches their excellence in temperament.      

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Young kid petting a standard poodle
child holding neonate puppy

Why choose a rescued & trained dog?

A puppy eating a puppacino from Starbucks.
poodle posing with canine good citizen ribbon
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woman holding doodle

Our heart has and always will be with dogs needing a home. In addition to the obvious benefit of helping a dog in need, many families prefer to skip the puppy stage and jump straight into owning a more mature dog.

In particular, when adopting with us, you will be receiving a professionally trained dog so you can avoid the notorious difficulties surrounding potty-training, crate-training, etc. and welcome home a dog already knowing a great deal about his/her personality.

Our training program is geared toward having our dogs pass the Canine Good Citizen test. This is a great precursor (and often a requirement) for most therapy dog evaluations. Many of our trained adult dogs have already proven they have what it takes to go on and be a therapy dog so they are likely able to be certified with their new handler sooner than if starting with a young puppy. 

A well-trained dog is not a perfect dog and you can still expect some challenges especially during the transition period, but we are here to help! We will continue to guide you after you get your dog and offer additional free training sessions (Within a 30 mile radius of Charlotte, NC) to make sure your dog's trained skills transfer!

 Interested in an adult dog without training? We offer foster-to-adopt dogs on a case by case basis.

Please read about our mission and pricing/process to learn more!

Our Clients Say

"I have never met or heard of a breeder who breeds (and rescues!) dogs with more love, education, effort, attention to detail, conscientiousness, affection and heart than Red Paw Farm Poodles & Doodles. I was not comfortable getting a puppy from a breeder after rescuing 5 dogs and 3 cats over my adult life (though our 10 year old labradoodle was from a breeder) but discovering Red Paw Farm and the family behind it made me reconsider.


Our baby was loved, kissed, socialized and snuggled by Brooke Harris (a certified dog trainer) and her 3 adorable and loving children for the first 8 weeks of his life. Each week, Brooke would send us detailed updates, photos and videos of the puppies as well as advice and tips on how to prepare for our upcoming arrival.


While they do take preferences into consideration, Brooke matches each puppy in the litter with the family she feels will be the best fit based on the puppy’s personality, the family’s personality and lifestyle and temperament tests results. I loved this. Getting a puppy is a commitment for the lifetime of that dog and it should not be based on picking your favorite color, coolest markings, etc. We did not have any preferences and are thrilled with the match Brooke ultimately made for our family and our puppy.


If you have been thinking about adopting a Cavapoo or Moyan Poodle through a breeder OR about rescuing a doodle from a certified dog trainer who will spend weeks and an enormous effort training that pup to give them the best second chance at a great life imaginable, please go read through their website and also check out their Facebook and Instagram pages. I came across it before my previous dog tragically died and it left such an impression on me that I remembered them afterwards when we were ready to think about bringing another dog into our home.


Thank you for everything, Red Paw Farm!" - Laura R.

Laura L. 

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