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Why Red Paw Farm? 

There are a lot of breeders out there, learn what sets us apart!

1. Superb Socialization

As certified dog trainers, we know how critical socialization is from the very beginning. We go the extra mile with socializing our puppies. We follow puppy culture protocols so your puppy is exposed to a variety of different stimuli at an early age and started on potty and crate training prior to 8 weeks. We have three young children and homeschool so generally someone is always around and playing with the puppies. They receive a tremendous amount of human interaction and exposure to the daily sights and sounds of a busy household from the moment they are born. Not to mention they get a little bit extra as each of our pups is also exposed to our brave cat, Mittens, and our flock of chickens. We believe all of this concentrated socialization and exposure pays off when it comes to calm, laidback temperaments, particularly when it comes to interactions with children. We also temperament test our puppies at 6 weeks of age so we can help guide and match families to their new puppy based on personality.


child with phantom poodle puppy
person holding puppy
child petting neonate puppy

2. Careful selection and care of our dogs

All of the parent dogs in our program must have excellent temperaments. We have diligently selected well-balanced dogs that we feel confident can produce the calm, stable temperaments we are aiming for. Our poodles in particular are geared toward service and therapy work and we have obedience/temperament titles on each of our poodle parents to prove it. Check out our parent dog page for more info on each dog in our program. We also health test each of our parents dogs to ensure your puppy is clear of genetic diseases. We also have each of our dogs' joints tested (through OFA)  to avoid breeding any dogs with potential for future joint issues such as hip dysplasia. Our puppies come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee.

The happiness of our parent dogs is a huge priority for us. We do not have a kennel. All of our parent dogs are indoor pets at either our home or a guardian home. They are all trained in basic obedience, and we are proud to show them off whenever we get the chance. 

When it comes to pregnancy and birth, we take the care of our mothers very seriously. We carefully monitor pregnancies and stay with our moms 24/7 in the days leading up to and following a delivery!

In addition to the emphasis on socialization, our puppies also receive the highest level of physical care. The first weeks are spent offering round the clock care with frequent weigh-ins and dewormings. At 6 weeks of age our puppies will receive a vet check and age appropriate vaccines. 

cavapoo puppy with bone toy
baby with a poodle
three adult poodles

3. Dedication to helping rescue dogs

We have found that dog rescues and breeders are often "at odds." It does not have to be this way! We firmly believe that both reputable breeders and rescues have an important role to play in the future health and wellbeing of the dog species. We started out as a poodle & doodle rescue and continue to make our rescue program a priority. We are just as passionate about rehabilitating well-balanced dogs and training them to become certified therapy dogs as we are about raising the perfect puppies! 


For our part as breeders, we have a lifetime contractual commitment to each and every one of our parent dogs and puppies to ensure none of them will end up in a shelter or otherwise homeless. Furthermore, we believe our health testing, careful selection of parent dogs, and socialization of our puppies is overall benefiting the future of dogs by ensuring good health and stable temperaments for future generations. Many dogs are given up by families due to inherent aggression or other difficult temperament issues which we strongly seek to avoid in our program. 

In particular during our rescue efforts we have noticed that small non-shedding dogs with a calm, stable temperament are more difficult to find than their larger breed counterparts. Resource guarding or other aggressive behaviors seem to be more often overlooked in small breeds and therefore allowed to be carried on to the next generation. This is certainly not the case with all small dogs, but we felt there was enough of a distinction to make breeding well-tempered, family-friendly, smaller dogs a priority for us. Our hope is to have an impact on the temperament of smaller poodles and doodles in generations to come. We do believe there is a strong genetic component to temperament. 

In addition to our own rescue program and our careful breeding, we further support animal rescue by donating 10% of our puppy proceeds to one of several of our preferred animal rescue organizations or a rescue of your choice. 

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