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Not Just the Basics!

The basics are certainly important, and we do not skip over them. Each of our trained dogs will be crate trained, potty trained, and know their core basic commands. They will also get extensive socialization with children, dogs, and other animals. But we believe what sets our program apart is the advanced obedience work we do! Check out our videos below for a snapshot of what our dogs can do!

"Place" - Our dogs are taught to settle on a variety of mats/beds even with distractions. We practice place during meal times, when guests come over, etc, but nothing quite beats maintaining your poise in the face of some crazy kiddos!  

Extended Stays - Our dogs don't just know how to maintain a lengthy stay on their bed at home. Rather, we practice this skill in a vareity of new, public environments. Our goal is to have our dogs be able to maintain a 2-3+ minute stay even in a new place when their trainer goes out of sight.

Calm Greetings - Building on our "place" commands, we practice front door desensitization with each of our dogs. We find practicing our self-control around the front door (often a location of frustration for owners!) further encourages the calm, polite greetings of both owner and guests that we strive for.  

Leash work - Our dogs practice loose leash walking in a variety of environments. We do lots of turns and starting/stopping to make sure we are in sync. Our trained dogs also know a "wait" command that can be used to regain their focus while on the leash... or if you just need to stop and tie your shoe!

"Off Leash Recall" - There is a difference between a dog who follows the "come" cue in his living room when his owner has a piece of cheese and the dog who is able to follow this cue in the middle of chasing a squirrel in a field! We aim for the latter. We practice this command as often as possible in all kinds of contexts. 

Why does it matter?
For some of our dogs this extensive training is an important foundation for their future service or therapy work. But even for our dogs who simply go on to be family companions, this advanced obedience will benefit them. We believe trained dogs get more freedom as they can be trusted and kept safe at an off leash dog park, on the beach, etc. We also believe a dog trained in advanced obedience will follow his basic commands much more readily in day to day life! All in all a trained dog makes for a happy dog and a happy owner!

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