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Meet Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is the last of his siblings available. This guy is so delightfully mellow and gentle for a pup! He is the largest of the litter and while we expect most puppies from this pairing to be in the 30 pound range as adults, Jelly Bean is tracking to be around 40-50 pounds as an adult. 

During his temperament test, Jelly Bean scored as having low energy, medium confidence, medium independence, and low-medium motivation. Basically, he is one chill dude who plans to spend his days snuggling and hanging out. He would likely excel as a therapy dog due to his calm and affectionate demeanor. This guy is as easygoing as they come! He reminds us a lot of his mom, Echo. 

Jelly Bean has started training with basic commands and crate training.

IMG_3249 3.HEIC

About the litter
KC Moyen Poodles
Parents: Echo X Comet
Birth date: 4/9/2023
Cost: $2200 (plus 7.25% NC state sales tax)
Adult weight: 25-45 lbs
Service & Therapy Dog potential

We are overjoyed to welcome another Echo and Comet litter into the world. We have high hopes for these puppies when it comes to their temperaments and trainability. Comet is our Mr. Smartypants training superstar! He is CGC titled and therapy dog certified, but his real claim to fame is all of the tricks he knows! This boy is incredibly human-focused, smart, and motivated. He has incredible potential when it comes to service work and we expect the same from his puppies. Echo is our mellow love bug. This girl is also CGC titled and therapy dog certified. She was born for the role of therapy dog-- she loves absolutely nothing more than to politely greet new people and then roll over for a belly rub... for hours. We expect to see elements of both parents' temperament in each of these pups. Please visit our parents page to learn more about their personalities and health testing 

Our pups are raised using ENS and a socialization enrichment program (we combine elements of Puppy Culture and BAB curriculum). They are started on individual crate training, outdoor potty training, and recall. 

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