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Our lives have always intersected with dogs. Bennett grew up with a variety of different breeds with a mother who helped evaluate service dog prospects. Brooke, on the other hand, grew up with a mother who did not like dogs. But Brooke's passion for dogs was unquenchable, and she spent much of her free time researching different breeds and collecting a tremendous amount of dog stuffed animals. From a young age Brooke vowed to "live on a farm with as many dogs as [she] wanted." After much hard work and planning, that dream finally came to pass. Located just outside Charlotte, North Carolina on nearly 13 acres, we are overjoyed to share our space with 3 kids, 3 resident dogs, 11 chickens, and 1 very brave cat. Thankfully, Brooke's mother has now been convinced about the marvelousness of dogs and enjoys helping out with her granddogs. 

Brooke is a certified dog trainer (CDT-C) and first developed the idea for Red Paw Farm when working as a children's therapist. Brooke trained her own certified therapy dog, Piper, and together they worked in private therapy for several years. Piper's presence made such a difference in the therapeutic process when working with children that Brooke wanted to give the gift of a therapy dog to more owners! A few years later, Red Paw Farm was born!

family-friendly breeders, home-raised puppies
fox terrier

Bennett with his childhood dog, Aggie

Our children (ages 2, 4, & 6) and Mittens, the family cat

rescue puppy, rescue dog, humane society

Brooke volunteering at the humane society in college

The Well-Balanced Pack

Meet our original dogs: Piper & Lucy! They had know idea what they were signing up for back when they first became our family pets! Piper is a 10 year old mutt and Lucy is a 5 year old goldendoodle. Both came to us from rescue/rehome situations and both have proven to have the type of temperament we strive for at Red Paw Farm. Piper was a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International and worked alongside Brooke doing therapy work for several years. Lucy is an incredible emotional support dog for our oldest daughter.

As many dog enthusiasts know, dogs are pack-oriented animals and learn well from watching each other. Our trainees benefit from observing our dogs and likewise our dogs tell us a lot of information about a newcomer based on their interactions with him. They are an integral part of our training team!

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Other Staff


As much as we love what we do, we quickly realized we can't do it all on our own. We have had the privilege of working with Ashley over the last couple of years. She is Maple's guardian mom and helps us raise litters and train dogs.

Her six-year-old is the most dedicated "junior trainer" we know as well!

Besides dogs, Ashley's passions include nutrition/cooking (her dogs benefit from this as well!) and spending time outdoors. 

Ashley & Maple (one of our poodle moms)


Six-year-old, Adi, with one of our past training dogs

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