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Recommended Puppy Supply List

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1. Basics 
a. Crate/Kennel
We recommend 30 X 19 inches for our cavapoos and 36 X 23 for our moyen poodles. This is the recommended size for their adult weights/heights, however we recommend using crate dividers to reduce the size of the kennel when they are smaller pups!
b. Gear for Walks 
Ultimately, we recommend using a slip-lead or martingale collar and basic nylon leash as your pup matures as these encourage less pulling on walks when fitted appropriately at the top of the neck. But prior to 16 weeks, your puppy will benefit from a harness as they are just learning the very basics of leash walking and the harness (our puppies typically fit in an XS and we like the Rabbit Goo brand or similar option with 2 clip options) is a bit more gentle/forgiving of puppy wiggles and wobbles! We also recommend a basic flat-buckle collar for everyday wear. We love the personalized collars so that you never lose your ID tag! Your puppy will need an X-small collar (12 inches or less) when he/she is young. At full grown, most of our dogs fit in a Small collar. Check out this article if you need more help with fitting your puppy's collar.

c. Food & Treats

We feed our puppies Natural Balance Salmon & Brown Rice Puppy Food.

Please make sure to start your puppy on this food to avoid tummy upset, and very gradually transition to another food if desired!

When it comes to treats, smaller is better! You will be doing lots of training, so smaller treats are better so your pup does not get too full from treats and/or an upset tummy! 

d. Don't forget chew-proof food bowls and a crate liner and/or durable dog bed!

puppy in crate
cavapoo in a vest
3 Dog Collars
dog food
cavapoo sleeping on a bed

2. Grooming

a. Shampoo: We like gentle, sensitive skin shampoos for puppies.

b. Wire Slicker Brush: Make sure to brush your pup weekly and target mat-prone areas such as the tail, behind the ears, and under the collar. 

c. Ear Cleaner and Powder: Poodles and poodle mixes are prone to ear infections. Their inner ear hair can trap moisture inside of the ear canal, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria/yeast. We recommend cleaning your pups' ears bi-weekly and using the powder afterwards which helps to dry up any moisture! 

d. Claw Clippers and/or Nail Grinder (optional)

If you plan to do any self-grooming you will want a pair of claw clippers to trim your puppy's claws. We recommend starting early and using them regularly to keep your puppy comfortable with the procedure! The nail grinder can help smooth any sharp edges.

e. Andis Pro Clip Clippers (optional)

If you plan to do any self-grooming we recommend Andis brand clippers and using this guide to determine which blade(s) work best for your dog's coat.

3. Toys & Chews

We recommend avoiding rope toys due to their tendency to cause blockages if ingested and using caution with stuffed toys (always remove if it has been torn). We love the Kong brand. Their toys and treat fillers are typically quite durable.

A food dispenser toy is also a good way to keep your pup busy and keep meal times exciting! 

Nylabones of various textures are good for the puppy chewing stage!

We also like durable natural chews like deer antlers, but avoid rawhides or cooked bones due to their tendency to cause stomach upset and/or blockages.

Dog Grooming Tools
recently groomed poodle
two children with a cavapoo
two puppies playing tug
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