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Taking the guesswork out of dog rescue


1. Fewer dogs in shelters or otherwise homeless

2. More families with safe, well-balanced dogs

3. More dogs fulfilling a need via emotional support, therapy work, etc.

rescue dog, trained older dog, therapy dog, emotional support dog
child walking dog
owner with arm around doodle
poodle with head tilted

We are trying something different:

Post-adoption return-to-shelter rates for dogs and cats have been reported to be between 7 percent and 20 percent for the first six months following adoption. These numbers do not include pets who were lost, died, or were given away instead of being returned to the shelter. A majority (55.9%) of the dogs returned in a recent study were returned to the shelter due to behavior issues. 

Many others who successfully keep their adopted dogs use a private trainer to navigate behavioral issues. Our goal is to offer a more streamlined approach and do everything we can to eliminate that 55.9% on the front end! 

So, yes, our dogs are more costly than the average rescue (prices range from $2800-$4300 depending on the training package you choose!) but if you are one of the 73% of dog owners who seek out training for their dog (, then this option is cost-effective and practical!

Want a few more details about the training process- click HERE!

Why Adopt From Us?

Our Dogs Are...

Hand-selected by a trainer and Temperament Tested
Exposed to young children and other animals

Extensive training including 
- house trained
-crate trained 
-advanced obedience
-off leash recall
-& more

Up to date on all Vet Care

Carefully Matched With New Families based on our interview and questionnaire process

Sent home with trainer support during transition period (3 free private training sessions)

Interested in a rescued doodles/poodle without the training? 

If you are an experienced dog owner and are up for the task of training an adult rescued dog yourself, please apply below. We offer "foster-to-adopt" dogs (without training) on a case by case basis for the cost of needed vet work (typically ~$500). Only applicable for dogs who have not yet started training.

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