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Fully Trained Puppies

All of the cuteness of a puppy without all of the stress & sleepless nights!

Our trained puppies are from our own breeding program or other ethical breeders (we only accept puppies into our training program who have are from verified health tested parents and raised using an enrichment program)

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We give our puppies the best possible start during their first 8 weeks with us, but it doesn't end there! There is still SO much to learn!

We believe the first few months of a puppy's life are the most critical when it comes to laying the foundation for future success in training and social confidence. 

We believe well-bred pups who have been excellently trained and socialized from birth will consistently result in some of the most dependable temperaments on the planet! It requires, time, energy and patience but the results can be life-changing when it comes to emotional support, therapy and service work.


Cost: $2200 (plus cost of puppy)

Length: 4 weeks (additional training optional)

Your pup will learn--

Potty training

Crate training

Leash Skills


Basic Commands

Your pup will be exposed to

Kids, cats, older dogs, strangers, practicing cues in new environments, and more!

Available Trained Puppies

We do not have any trained puppies currently available, but you can add a training pack onto a pup from one of our upcoming litters!

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