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What is a Moyen Poodle? 

The Moyen (French for 'medium') Poodle is a size of poodle in between the miniature and standard varieties. They are sometimes called Klein poodles and widely recognized by European registries such as FCI.  The medium size is currently not recognized as an official size with America’s AKC and are instead considered small standard poodles.

The size of our moyens will be around 16-20 inches at the shoulder and 20-40 lbs, depending on the litter. This size is often perfect for families looking for a medium size dog that can keep up on family outings, but is also easy to manage indoors and on the leash.

child with phantom poodle
apricot poodle

Why Moyen Poodles?

Admittedly, years ago, we started out as "doodle people" after owning our first goldendoodle. But as we began training and interacting with a variety of doodles and poodles, we realized that doodles are only as great as their poodle parents! We have grown very fond of the poodle breed in all sizes, but find the Moyen size (20-40 lbs) to be the best fit for most families. They are big enough to be durable with young children and to keep up on hikes or other adventures, but small enough to be easily picked up, groomed, managed on the leash, etc. We have been selective with our breeding stock in hopes of getting the mellowness of the standard poodle in a slightly smaller package! So far, it has worked like magic! We find our Moyen poodles to be delightfully laidback. They are also extremely intelligent and athletic and can excel in anything from agility to hunting to therapy work! While known to be fairly energetic, the poodle channels this energy well through training and also typically has  great "on/off switch" and knows when it's time to just nap on the sofa.

chocolate poodle with a child

In particular, poodles are often an excellent choice for service work or therapy work. Their focus for training is simply unmatched. This is our ultimate goal with breeding moyen poodles. We want the steady-tempered, calm focus associated with the standard poodle in a slightly smaller package so owners will find it easier to travel with their service poodle on airplanes, etc.


Dogs helping people is our ultimate passion in life and the big picture goal behind all of our breeding and training endeavors. Breeding moyen poodles is a sweet spot for us as we have been amazed with their intuitive abilities and a large percentage of our pups will be able to go on to be service and/or therapy dogs.

Several of our poodle parents are therapy dog certified and currently volunteer as therapy dogs in a variety of places. We have had several past poodle puppies placed as successful service dogs, too.

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