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Available Dogs
All of our current dogs are spoken for, but check back soon for new trainees!


Meet Noelle

Breed: Goldendoodle

Age/Gender: 1 years, female

Weight: 45 pounds

Expect Graduation Date: Early April

Noelle was a rescue from the Durham Animal Shelter. She is such a delightful girl. She is mostly calm/relaxed indoors, but her silly goofy side comes out when she is outdoors! She LOVES to play... she loves other dogs, stuffed animals, and rolling around in the grass. So far she has loved everybody she has met and her tail wags constantly. Her very very favorite thing is splashing in water (mud puddles, creeks, and everything in between!)

Noelle will be receiving FHO surgery for her hip dysplasia and then go home to her forever family after recovery!


Noelle's Temperament Scores

All items are scored on a scale of 1- 

Energy Level: 3.5

Medium-high energy level- she is VERY happy/active outdoors, but is also happy to nap on the couch or in her kennel 

Obedience/Focus Level: 3

Noelle can have her goofy moments, but she does redirect easily!

Dog Friendliness: 4

She loves to play with other dogs! Sometimes she doesn't get the memo when somebody else doesn't want to play with her. 

Prey Drive: 3

She loves to chase her ball, would chase the chickens if it were allowed, but is not obsessed with them!

Level of Assertiveness: 4

Noelle is not shy/submissive with people or dogs, but she is kind and responsive to firm cues

Kid-Friendliness: 5

Noelle enjoys kids especially if they throw the ball for her!

Friendliness Toward Strangers: 5

110% loves everyone

Reactivity: (unexpected sounds, touch, etc): 3

She can be sensitive about her face touched, but is not aggressive. She will startle-bark to unexpected sounds. 

Level of Independence: 4

She loves to snuggle, but has no problem playing outside by herself. She does not need to be in the same room as her person at all times. 

IMG_0233 2.HEIC

Maggie's Temperament Scores

All items are scored on a scale of 1- 

Energy Level: 3

Medium energy level- she loves to play with other dogs and go for walks, but settles well inside

Obedience/Focus Level: 4

This girl is smart and eager to please!

Dog Friendliness: 5

Maggie is very dog savvy and non-assertive with other dogs

Prey Drive: 2

She is cat and chicken safe

Level of Assertiveness: 1

Maggie has a naturally less assertive personality - she thrives with gentle direction

Kid-Friendliness: 3

Maggie shows no aggression but is a bit timid around children

Friendliness Toward Strangers: 4

She is willing to approach new people, but can be timid in certain situations

Reactivity: (unexpected sounds, touch, etc): 2

She startles but recovers- she is very accepting of any touch

Level of Independence: 3

She follows her person from room to room, but does not have to be touching them every second!

Meet Maggie 

Breed: Standard Poodle

Age/Gender: 1 years, female

Weight: 35 pounds

Expect Graduation Date: Early March

Miss Maggie Mae is just a gem! She was initially very timid, but has slowly come out of her shell to show us what a lovely and attentive dog she is. She is incredibly gentle, mild-mannered, and kind. She loves stuffed animals-- especially the ones she isn't supposed to have (i.e. belonging to the human children). She enjoys giving gentle kisses and snuggles and playing with other dogs. She is responsive to training and socialization so the sky is the limit with what she can accomplish in the future. 

IMG_0427 2.HEIC
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