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Available Dogs
All of our current dogs are spoken for, but check back soon for new trainees!

Please read about our mission
and pricing/process before applying!


Meet Lola


Breed: Labradoodle

Age/Gender: 2 years, female

Weight: 39 pounds

Lola came from a neglect situation. Up until a few months ago she had only known life in a tiny outdoor pen with her sister. This girl is as sweet as they come. She is a tiny bit timid when meeting new people, but warms up quickly and then wants all the pets. She seems gentle, happy, and eager-to-please.So far she has gotten along just beautifully with our other dogs, cat, and children. Lola's coat does shed some. Lola is a new arrival (9/9/23) so we are still getting to know her. Check back soon for her temperament results. 

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