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Available Dogs
All of our current dogs are spoken for, but check back soon for new trainees!

Please read about our mission
and pricing/process before applying!

Meet Paisley

Breed: Peekapoo (1/4 Pekingese, 3/4 poodle)

Age/Gender: 2 years, Female

Weight: 8 lbs

How did she end up here? Breeder Surrender- she has been a breeding dog, but proved to be an escape artist in her pen so she was surrendered to us. (No issues escaping our fence so far!) 



 Temperament Scores

All items are scored on a scale of 1-5  

Energy Level: 2

Paisley has her zoomies and will play with a stuffed animal for a bit in the morning, but then she's ready to snooze for most of the rest of the day! She is a laidback girl. 

Obedience/Focus Level: 4-5

Paisley has excellent attentiveness and obedience! She can stay and recall even with some really big distractions

Dog Friendliness: 5

Paisley loves other dogs and is a gentle, submissive girl who gets along with everyone.

Prey Drive: 3

Some interest in the chickens, but leaves the cat alone!

Kid-Friendliness: 5

Paisley loves snuggling with all the kids! She is such a gentle girl.

Friendliness Toward Strangers: 3

Paisley can be cautious when meeting new people, but does warm up quickly.

Reactivity: (unexpected sounds, touch, etc): 3

 She can sometimes startle with big movements/noises, but recovers quickly. She is not a reactive dog in anyway- in fact we have never even heard her bark!

Level of Independence: 2

Paisley is pretty relaxed even when she's by herself, but does strongly prefer to be with people!

Meet Scooter

Breed: Miniature Poodle

Age/Gender: 2 years, Male

Weight: 13 lbs

How did he end up here? Breeder Surrender- Scooter has been a breeding dog.... first with a breeder who kept him confined to a crate with very limited human exposure, he was then purchased by a second breeder who ultimately surrendered him to us because he wasn't a good fit for her breeding program.



 Temperament Scores

All items are scored on a scale of 1-5  

Energy Level: 2.5

Scooter enjoys playing with other dogs and going for walks, but he also spends a good part of the day napping (preferably on your lap!).

Obedience/Focus Level: 3-4

Scooter was slow to catch on at first, but now that he understands the basic concepts- he is super smart! He sometimes loses focus if there are a lot of distractions.

Dog Friendliness: 4

Scooter enjoys other dogs and greets them politely. He does not like to share his food or bones though (he will share with humans ;) ).

Prey Drive: 4

Scooter's biggest weakness is squirrels!! He doesn't mind the cat, though.

Kid-Friendliness: 5

Scooter has been easygoing and snuggly with the kids

Friendliness Toward Strangers: 4

Scooter is a pretty friendly guy, he was a tiny bit reserved at first, but lately has been happy to greet everyone

Reactivity: (unexpected sounds, touch, etc): 3

Scooter seems comfortable with all touch, but does startle with loud noises. 

Level of Independence: Scooter is fine in his crate, but certainly prefers to be with his people

Meet Zoey

Breed: Shih-tzu mix

Age/Gender: 6-8 years, feale

Weight: 12 lbs

How did he end up here?

Sweet Zoey was found in the middle of a very busy road in poor condition. She had been sighted with another little doggie friend who unfortunately did not survive the busy road. No collar, microchip, or inquiries for her at the local shelters. She was however still lactating, so our best guess is that she had been used as a breeding mom and dumped after she aged out of breeding after her final litter. 

Zoey is a hidden gem of a dog. We can't believe somebody would give up (let alone mistreat) a dog this sweet. She's gentle, quiet, and loves to snuggle... but she's also okay to just relax if it's not time to snuggle. She is an easy keeper with naturally good manners. Zoey is working on gaining some weight before she can be spayed, but is otherwise in good health and Heartworm negative! Zoey is available for our foster-to-adopt program.



 Temperament Scores

All items are scored on a scale of 1-5  

Energy Level: 1-2

Zoey has moments of wanting to run around and explore, but she's mostly a couch potato.

Obedience/Focus Level: 3?

We haven't done much training with Zoey yet, but she is very food motivated!

Dog Friendliness: 3-4

Zoey tolerates other dogs, but does not really have an interest in playing with them 

Prey Drive: 1

She has shown zero interest in the cat or chickens!

Kid-Friendliness: 5

Zoey loves kids and has been incredibly gentle

Friendliness Toward Strangers: 4

Zoey enjoys meeting new people and approach cautiously with a wagging tail

Reactivity: (unexpected sounds, touch, etc): 2

Zoey is incredibly gentle and submissive with humans! She has allowed us to bathe, groom, and clip her claws with no issues. She can sometimes startle with big movements/noises, but recovers quickly

Level of Independence: 3

Zoey prefers to be on the couch next to you, but she doesn't mind her crate in the slightest and can relax without her person right next to her!


Meet Chloe

Breed: F1 Cavapoo

Age/Gender: 1 year, female

Weight: 8.5 lbs

How did he end up here?

Chloe is a unique case for us as she was originally a hopeful breeding dog for our program. She comes from good lines of health tested parents so we feel confident in her health, but she lacks the confidence we would want to see in a breeding dog. She is such a precious girl and will make the perfect companion for somebody who is okay with a timid but gentle dog. In addition to not being quite the right fit for our program, her guardian home also fell through after only a couple of months, so she has been through a bit of transition and needs her forever home where we hope her confidence will blossom! 

IMG_5242 2.heic

Meet Sam

Breed: F1b Goldendoodle

Age/Gender: 3 years, male

Weight: 47 lbs

How did he end up here?

Sam was rehomed twice that we know of. His first family rehomed him because they had no time for him and Sam was over-crated.  His second family adored Sam's laidback personality, but unfortunately after a few months, Sam started getting in fights with their other male dog. Sam was not yet neutered so this may have been a big factor- Sam got along beautifully with the female dog in the house. Now that Sam is neutered, he seems to do fine with dogs of both genders, but to be safe, we will only adopt him out to a family with no other dogs or with female-only dogs.



 Temperament Scores

All items are scored on a scale of 1-5  

Energy Level: 3

Chloe has two speeds- zoomies outside when she wants to catch squirrels and total lap dog. It's a good balance!

Obedience/Focus Level: 4

Chloe is early on in training, but so far seems eager to please

Dog Friendliness: 5

Chloe is great with other dogs and a submissive girl

Prey Drive: 3

She is very interested in squirrels, but doesn't mind the cat.

Kid-Friendliness: 3-4

Chloe is gentle and shows no aggression, but is timid and would need time to warm up to children

Friendliness Toward Strangers: 3

Chloe will cautiously approach new people but if they are equally as gentle as she is, she will happily allow them to pet her

Reactivity: (unexpected sounds, touch, etc): 4

Chloe is a bit timid and startles easily, she finds safety in "her person." 

Level of Independence: 2

Chloe very much wants to be with her humans all the time. She is such a good little snuggle buddy/lap dog. She does fine in her crate, but it's not her preference!



 Temperament Scores

All items are scored on a scale of 1-5  

Energy Level: 3

Sam is a well-balanced dog. He enjoys adventures and playing, but he also knows how to relax. 

Obedience/Focus Level: 3

Sam is a pretty laidback dog, overall, but he can get distracted.

Dog Friendliness: 4

Sam does great meeting other dogs

Prey Drive: 3

She is very interested in squirrels, but doesn't mind the cat.

Kid-Friendliness: 5

Sam lived with kids in his previous home and has been comfortable and relaxed with our kids, too!

Friendliness Toward Strangers: 4

Sam loves meeting new people in public. He will bark briefly when meeting someone in his home, but warms up very quickly.

Reactivity: (unexpected sounds, touch, etc): 2

Sam isn't fazed by much!

Level of Independence:

Sam wants to be near you, but doesn't always have to be touching you. He isn't a huge fan of his crate, but settles after a few minutes.

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