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Foster-to-Adopt Dogs

If we had endless time and energy we would train every dog that comes our way, but the reality is that some dogs either don't meet our temperament requirements to be a part of our trained program and/or we simply don't have the time or space for them, but we want to help in any way we can. 

Our foster-to-adopt dogs are most often owner surrenders. If you believe one is a good fit for your home, you can take him/her on a trial basis (usually around 2-3 weeks) while we work on getting them spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vet care. If at the end of the trial period, you want to keep the dog, you simply pay us the cost of their vet bills (this can vary from $250-$700+ depending on the dog's needs), and the dog is yours! If the dog is not a good fit, you can simply return him/her to Red Paw Farm. 

Meet Ollie
IMG_6798 2.jpg
IMG_6796 2.jpg
IMG_6797 2.jpg

Breed: Goldendoodle
Weight/Age: 60 lbs/2.5 years old

Sweet Ollie was rescued from a bad situation by his current/temporary foster and is now healthy and ready for his forever home! He wants to be everybody's best friend-- he immediately loves people, dogs, and cats, and is incredibly gentle. He is reliably house-trained, great in the car, a dream to groom, and is trustworthy to leave out in the house (no crate required- he is not destructive).
This p0lite, caring boy will snuggle with you on the couch all day but also enjoys a good romp in the dog park or a game of fetch. 

Ollie does have separation 
anxiety and will need continued support via training and medication to overcome his fear of being left alone. If let alone without his medicine, he will vocalize and run around looking for his people, but is not destructive.
Ollie is currently up to date on shots and flea /heartworm prevention but does need to be neutered. 


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