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We offer two training packages for our rescue dogs.

Our shorter term training package is 4 weeks long with the average cost of $2800 (dog included). Our longer training package is 6-8 weeks and includes more advanced obedience skills and passing the CGC upon graduation with the average cost of $4300. In either case, your dog will come freshly groomed, spayed/neutered, microchipped and up to date on vet care.

We can help you determine which option is right for you!

Interested in a rescued doodle/poodle without the training? 

If you are an experienced dog owner and are up for the task of training an adult rescued dog yourself, please apply below. We offer "foster-to-adopt" dogs (without training) on a case by case basis for the cost of needed vet work (typically ~$500). 

young adult labradoodle, older labradoodle, trained labradoodle

Adoption Process

1. Fill out our APPLICATION

2. Schedule your phone interview to help us gauge you/your family's needs

3. Place a $500 (nonrefundable) deposit for an available dog or a $250 (nonrefundable) deposit to get on our waiting list for a future dog.

4. Receive weekly updates of your dog in action; final payment due 1 week prior to graduation! 

5. GOTCHA DAY -we will spend time showing your hand signals and cues that your dog knows and make sure the dog can follow them from you. 

poodle lip licking

Training Details

Upon graduation your dog will...

1. Be reliably house trained

2. Know basic commands: sit, stay (up to three minutes with distractions), down, come, and place (for use during mealtimes, when guests arrive, etc.)

3. Have leash manners- no lunging, barking, or pulling

4. Have off-leash recall

5. Be crate trained- Able to enter on command and sleep through the night or nap quietly during the day

6. Have overall good house manners- no jumping on people, able to wait at doorways/gates until released, etc.

7. Have been exposed to a big variety of environments. Socialization is key for a well-rounded dog. We take our training dogs to pet-friendly stores, parks, restaurants, etc. to make sure they can maintain good behavior anywhere!

**Our longer-term trainees will be able to maintain their skills in more distracting environments, have more advanced socialization, and take the CGC upon graduation

AKC Canine Good Citizenship 

We have our longer-term trainees pass the CGC test before graduation. What is the Canine Good Citizen Test??-- Click HERE to learn more!

Continued Support

We work really hard to train each dog at a high level of obedience, but please keep in mind each dog is a unique individual, and sometimes dogs surprise us with different challenges as they transition to a new environment. Transitional challenges can include potty accidents, whining in the crate, or hiccups with following cues from a new human. These "challenges" are typically much shorter-lived than when 'starting from scratch' with a dog that has not been trained. And we are here to help guide you! Our service doesn't end when the dog gets adopted; we offer 3 free formal training sessions post-adoption as well as continued phone/virtual support for the lifetime of the dog to help you navigate any training issues that might arise.

goldendoodle, child hugging goldendoodle, kid-friendly dog, trained goldendoodle, trained older goldendoodle
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