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Consultation Service

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Starting the search for your next best buddy can sometimes feel overwhelming. Most families are aware that they are making a 12-15+ year commitment and want to make sure they are making the best choice. That's where we as puppy matchmakers come in! We offer a thorough questionnaire and phone consultation to help you answer the following questions (and many more!)

1. What breed is best for my family?

Not all dog breeds are created equal! All dog breeds were originally bred for a specific purpose from herding sheep to guarding the homestead. Learn how these roots affect a breed's general temperament and trainability in pet homes today. We will also discuss factors such as size, coat maintenance, etc.

2. How do I find a reputable breeder (or rescue)? What is the typical process when it comes to application, deposits, etc?

There is as much variation between dog breeders as their is between the Great Dane and the Chihuahua! Scammers, puppy mills, and overall poor breeding practices seem to be everywhere. We can help guide you on what standards to look for when it comes to identifying a reputable breeder or rescue as well as let you know what is typical when it comes to adoption processes, interactions with breeders, and the fair market value for the breed of your choice. 

3. Do I adopt a puppy or an adult dog? From a breeder or a rescue?

The answers to these questions vary based on your personal dog experience, lifestyle, whether or not you have young children in the home, and more! We will thoroughly discuss the benefits to each option and guide you accordingly. 

Pricing & Services
You may pick and choose your services to create the right package for your family

Initial Consultation: $50.00

You will receive a written questionnaire via email so we can gain some basic information regarding your lifestyle, typical day, prior dog experience, etc. Once we have this basic information, we will schedule our phone call. This phone call typically lasts around 45-60 minutes. We are here to answer any of your questions. We will also further discuss the information provided in your questionnaire to help narrow down the best breeds, size, etc. for your family. Some families opt to stop after this initial consultation. We have provided them with clarity when it comes to which breed(s) and where to start their search. They feel they have the necessary tools to "take it from here" and make an informed decision about their next family member.

List of Breeders and Contacts: $150.00

We put in the grunt work when it comes to finding the right breeder (or rescue). We do our due diligence when it comes to confirming reputability and start some initial conversations with a few breeders (or rescues) so that we can provide you with a detailed list of Names, Contact Info, Location, Adoption Requirements, Expected Timeframe, etc. What started out as an overwhelming mass of information is carefully packaged into a simple, easy-to-read format that saves you time and hassle!

Transition Tips: $50.00 per consult

We offer 2 more phone consultations on the back end of deciding to get a puppy/dog. In the weeks prior to getting your dog or puppy, we will walk you through how to determine a dog's or puppy's temperament and what to look for on selection day (if applicable). We will also prepare you for what to expect when you bring your new furry friend home based on our years of experience with transitioning dogs and puppies into our home. We will discuss ways to "puppy-proof" your home as well as what supplies you will need. Finally, we offer a follow-up phone call during the week after you get your new pup. We will offer troubleshooting tips based on any difficulties you are experiencing and let you know what is normal and what's not when it comes to your puppy's developmental stages, training progress, etc.

woman holding poodle
child petting large white dog
chocolate poodle puppy

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes you qualified to help me find the right dog?

We have experience with a vast variety of dog breeds (not just doodles). In the past, we have covered the gamut from starting a pet-sitting service to training puppies to working with rescues to writing dog blogs! Because of our wide range of dog-related interests, we have a good big picture perspective when it comes to dogs and puppies of all types! Brooke is a certified dog trainer so also has the knowledge and expertise when it comes to assessing temperament in a puppy or adult dog. Besides, we have been unintentionally preparing for this job since childhood: Brooke was known to have the Encyclopedia of the Dog entirely memorized in the 4th grade. Dogs have been a long-term passion for both of us! You can read more on our About Us page!

2. Wait... You also have a rescue-training program and a breeding program, isn't this a conflict of interest?

Our true love in life is dogs. Seeing families bond with the right dog is something that makes us tick regardless of whether it is one of "our" dogs or not. We strive to remain unbiased as steering a family toward one of our dogs regardless of fit would undermine the main goal of both our training and breeding programs as well as our consulting service! In the event that we do feel that one of our consulting families would be a good match for a dog or puppy in our program, we will also always provide you with other additional options, too, so there is never any pressure to select a Red Paw Farm dog!

3. How long does the full consultation process take?

Currently, we are able to schedule your initial phone call within one week. Our breeder list compilation takes up to two weeks to complete. Depending on the breed, we may already be familiar with a few quality breeders, or we may be starting from scratch and doing significant research and phone calls on your behalf. The follow up transitional phone calls are of course dependent on your chosen breeder or rescue's wait list prior to adoption.

4. How do you vet your recommended breeders and rescues?

We have several markers of quality breeders and rescues that we know to look for on the front end. We interview each rescue contact or breeder in regards to their experience, program standards, etc. When it comes to breeders, we will ask to see physical copies of parents' health tests and interpret them accordingly. We also review health guarantees, contracts, etc. We call references, read reviews, and ask for virtual calls to view the dogs/facility. 

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