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Trained Puppies

About the Training Program

We occasionally have fully trained puppies available from our own litters or from another breeder. The goal is to strike a "compromise" between the sleepless nights and hard work involved when taking home an 8 week old puppy and missing out on the puppy stage altogether by getting an adult dog. 

Our trained puppies will come from either our own litters or from another breeder who health tests their parent dogs and socializes them appropriately. 

What your puppy will know:

  • Crate Trained/Consistently sleeping 8+ hours at night in the crate and able to nap quietly during the day

  • Potty Trained- Must be accident-free at our home for 7+ days before we consider them house trained

  • Basic Commands- Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Place

  • Introduction to leash manners

  • Consistent Correction of Jumping/Nipping behaviors (this may still be a work in progress depending on the age of your pup)

  • Socialization- exposure to children, other dogs, cats, and strangers

  • Age-Appropriate Vaccines, Dewormed, and Microchipped

Available Trained Puppies:

Meet "Rev"

Rev is an AKC registered miniature poodle (estimated 12-15 lbs full grown) He is a beautiful dark brown parti. He is an absolute delight of a puppy. He has his funny puppy zoomies-- he loves to chase a ball and loves water (enjoys baths and swimming in our creek), but he is also very mild-mannered and happy to snooze on the couch or your lap for a good part of the day. 

Rev is almost 5 months old (birth date: 10/20/22) and is now fully vaccinated including rabies. 


Expected Graduation Date: March 18-25th
Cost: $3600

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